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Meredith's Holiday Ginger Collection

Meredith's Ginger Syrups & Elixirs of Meaford Ontario are a great example of the world-class local products we feature at the Mercantile. They have become a customer favourite for everything from cocktails to teas to straight shots for a healthy boost during cold season.

Like many locally made products, these are made in small batches and any slight issue at the production end might result in dwindling stock on our shelves - there are no warehouses of preservative-filled bottles to draw from - so occasionally we find that demand exceeds supply. But it seems Meredith has borrowed a few elves from the workshop and just this week delivered an abundant Santa-sack of syrups and elixirs including all the regular flavours plus the holiday favourite Ruby Ginger Elixir with clementine, cranberry and orange blossom PLUS two new special edition recipes: Turmeric Cardamom Syrup and Asian Pear Elixir.

You'll find the elixirs in the fridge at the back of the store and the syrups at the front with several sizes to choose from and a special Holiday Syrup Set for the ginger fiends on your gift list.

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Butter, Better

Butter Better

Butter is the ultimate commonplace luxury. We know it is the essence of the finest sauces and pastries and we also keep it on our counter to spread on toast. Sometimes it's a workhorse, sometimes it's a finishing touch. Sometimes we need it cold, sometimes spreadable, sometimes melted or sizzling.

So for the person who has everything, consider giving the gift of choice for multiple ways to have butter on hand in just the way you need it. If you go through a lot in everyday use, a stick or cube in one of our classic glass or ceramic butter dishes is ideal. If you want to get rid of that dreadful paper-foil that falls apart so easily and still keep butter in the fridge, try one of our lidded butter keepers to bring out when it's time for cooking or baking.

But for our money, the very best way to store a modest amount of butter to be ready for spreading at any time is the butter bowl - also known as the "butter bell". 3/4 of an inch of water in the bowl half of the assembly provides an airtight seal. Press cold butter firmly into the top - or bell - half of the assembly and it fits upside down in the bowl and the whole thing stays on your counter. The seal means your butter won't oxidize but keeping it on the counter means it's always that perfect room temperature. Change the water every other day to ensure freshness.

If you want clarified butter, we have Lee's Ghee and if you want some beautiful salted butter that comes in its own dish, we've got Riviera butter in the fridge (though our personal favourite is Stirling Creamery's whey butter, available up the street from our friends at Stasis!)

That's butter, done better.

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Greek Islands for Winter?


As the days are shorter, the weather colder and the snow imminent, the Greek islands seem a distant fantasy. But these gorgeous dragées from Greece - each flavour named for one of those Greek islands - offers a delectable hint of sunnier climes you can just pop in your mouth!

Take Corfu, for example: whole kumquat cured in syrup, enrobed in 70% chocolate and then coated in a sweet orange sugar shell. Or Ios: where luxurious Amarena cherries get the same treatment. Rhodes, Crete, Santorin, Patmos, Skyros and Ithaki are also represented - in both 150g bags and 500g boxes - with a variety of delicious centres.

If Willy Wonka had a Greek Island, these would be the pebbles on his beach!
They're a delight at any time of year but they'll fit right in as Christmas confection for sure. Find them on the main table as you enter the store.

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