Mercantile Curbside Pick-up and Delivery Menu

To order for curb-side pick up or Wednesday or Friday delivery, call 416.531.7563 during business hours (Mon-Sat 10-6, Sun 12-5) or email

We are not set up to offer the full functionality of online shopping or to provide a complete itemized inventory with prices. But if you’re checking out this menu, chances are you’re familiar with the store and you have a good idea already of what we have in stock. This menu simply serves as a reminder of the range of products we offer in various categories to help twig the old memory as you’re preparing to place a telephone order in these difficult times.

When you call in, we may be serving other customers and may not be able to immediately confirm the availability of certain items so please let us know where substitutions are not an option. You can also email a list to and be sure to include your phone number so we can call you back to talk through the order and take your payment.

So, roughly speaking, here’s what we have available on a regular basis:

Asian ingredients

Rice wine vinegar, mirin, miso, gojuchang, tamarind paste, lemongrass, wasabi, panko, Okazu, samba olek, soy sauce, tamari, togarishi, ramen noodles.


Baking supplies

Cupcake papers, parchment paper, cheesecloth, decorative icings and sprinkles, birthday candles, food colouring, flavour essences and extracts, vanilla beans, chocolate chips, baking chocolate, cocoa


Bar & Beverage stuff

Aromatic bitters (alcohol and glucose-based), cocktail and soft drink syrups, orgeat, rosewater, orange blossom water, cocktail cherries, Amarena cherries, ginger syrup, tonic syrups, Fever Tree and Fentimans tonics and soft drinks, LaCroix flavoured waters, additional ciders and softdrinks, bar tools, ice cube trays (silicon and stainless steel), non-alcoholic beverages (Partake, Gruvi, Seedlip), steel straws, paper straws


Candy & Chocolate

Chocolate bars (dark, milk, fancy, simple, local, international), peanut butter cups, hard candies, chocolate almonds, chocolate pumpkin seeds, chocolate cherries, chocolate espresso beans, caramels, Laura Slack chocolate skulls, ginger chews, liquorice, jellies, gummies, sours, wine gums, jujubes, sour keys, drinking chocolates, butter tarts


Canned goods

Canned tuna, salmon, mackerel, squid, clams, oysters, anchovies, sardines, black beans, cannelini beans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans,  tomatoes (fire roasted, diced, crushed, whole), San Marzanos, tomato paste, passata, coconut milk, pumpkin.


Coffee & Tea

Stumptown  and Ideal coffee roasts (specify ground or unground with your Ideal order), black teas, green teas, Kusmi teas, Pukka teas, other herbal teas, tea bags, tea balls, teapots.



Including aoili, BBQ sauces and marinades, ketchups, chimichurri and various North African pastes and sauces such as harissa, zhoug and chermoula, mustards by Kozlik’s, Caplansky’s and Maison D’Orphee.



Various crackers including Carr’s water biscuits, cheese crackers and wheat/gluten-free options including rice crackers and Mary’s biscuits assorted cookies, wafers and shortbreads.


Dried goods

Rice (basmati, arborio, black rice, brown rice, red rice, bomba rice, wild rice), Du Puy lentils, beluga lentils, oatmeal, granola, pine nuts, dried cherries, 



Tea towels, aprons, containers, baskets, reusable cloths, dish scrubbies, butter dishes, pinch bowls, small bowls, cheese boards, cheese knives, mandoline, mortar & pestle, beeswax tea lights 


Herbs & Spices

 Packaged spices, dried herbs, garlic powder, onion powder, cream of tartar, tinned spices and blends from Epicentre, bbq rubs, Indian rubs, peppercorns, tinned green peppercorns, dried mushrooms and dried Mexican peppers, saffron, liquid smoke


Home and personal care

Lip balm, toothpaste, tooth brushes, bathroom tissue, paper towel, dishwashing liquid, laundry liquid, hand soap, all purpose cleaners (Mrs. Meyers and others) room fresheners, epsom salts, bar soaps


Hot Sauces

Mado’s, No. 7 Mexican hot sauces, Heartbeats, other hot sauces, Worcestershire sauce, chipotles in adobo sauce 


Jams, Jellies and Chutneys

Assorted jams and jellies from Henderson Farms, marmalades, chutneys, Persian condiment, Indian condiment, lemon curd, caramel spread, coconut spread, cinnamon bun spread, nut butters, apple sauce


Jarred sauces

Salsas, pasta sauces, passata, tapenades, pestos, antipasti blends


Oil & Vinegar

Olive oils, hazelnut oil, grape seed oil, walnut oil, sesame oil, pistachio oil, flavoured oils, truffle oil, chilli oil, sherry vinegar, red wine vinegar, white wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, balsamic glazes, verjus, rice wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar



Dried Italian pastas, gluten-free pastas, rice noodles, gnocchi, frozen stuffed pasta from Queen’s Pasta.



Preserved lemons, cornichons, dill pickles, pickled onions, pickled eggs, pickled asparagus, Extreme Beans, olives - cocktail, brined and dried, capers, caperberries, SweetDrops, sun-dried tomatoes 


Refrigerated and frozen items

Eggs, guacamole, pico de gallo, yogurts, horseradish, filled pasta, ciders, salmon pate, Miso soup packets


Salt & Pepper 

Kosher salt, Himalayan pink salt, black salt, grey salt, blue salt, Maldon salt, smoked salts, flavoured salts, salts and peppers in acrylic grinders including flavoured salts, mixed peppers and salt-free blends.



Potato chips, corn chips, cheese puffs, lentil snacks, rice snacks, black roasted peanuts, lupini beans, trail mix, sierra mix, popcorn, popping corn, roasted pistachios, cashews, wasabi peas.


Soups and broths

SoupGirl jars, tetrapak broths, bouillon cubes, Better Than Boullion jars, miso soups, Pho powders, single serving ramen packets.



Maple syrups, honey, agave, molasses, pomegranate molasses, sugars

Again, to order for curb-side pick up or Wednesday or Friday delivery, call 416.531.7563 during business hours (Mon-Sat 10-6, Sun 12-5) or email


Stay safe everyone.











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