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Treat Yourself to Gourmet Spices, Salts, Sauces & Sweets 

A specialty food and treat shop, The Mercantile is chock-a-block with unique and delicious foods. Come in to be inspired, indulged, nourished and nurtured. We have a seasonal selection of artisanal and international cooking and entertaining items and gifts.

From Laura Slack chocolate to Moroccan harissa, from bitters and spices to small batch Virgin olive oil, from mustards to delicious jams, and an unmatched collection of condiments - we have it all.

For uber foodies looking for that hot new hot sauce or spread for their next dinner party, or the casual snacker who insists on quality and wants to try something new, you’ll find your new essential ingredient here.

We are constantly searching out wonderful new tastes, both from inspired local producers and a globe-spanning network of producers committed to the very best . And we love introducing our customers to new ways to indulge their tastebuds.

We also offer advice on entertaining and gifting, no matter what your budget, so why not drop in?

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