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Third Place Tonics

Matching your mixers to your booze base can be a bit of a balancing act of flavours - it's why there's a whole different name for that occupation: Mixologist. As more people get themselves a SodaStream or other home carbonator, more people are looking to match their own flavours at home when it comes to cocktails. We offer a few different tonic syrups but this new line from Third Place Tonic in the beautiful city of St. John's Newfoundland offers a distinctive twist.

Each of the three flavours in their line is built to work with a different alcohol base - the classic tonic for gin, ginger rose for the brown liquors and elderflower for the vodkas... not to say that you can't mix and match on your own terms! Each involves a complex palette of all natural ingredients and flavours including a variety of teas and real cinchona  bark.

You'll find them with the bitters and other syrups just to your left as you come in the store. It may not seem like it right now but a whole new cocktail season is right around the corner!

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