'Ween 17

Halloween 17

A walk around the neighbourhood shows that lots of people take Halloween in the right...shall we say.... spirit. Decorations range from the rustic to the elaborate - from the macabre to the hilarious and no doubt the tricks and the treats will be just as diverse (though, please - no toothbrushes!).

In store we have just as much variety - whether you want to make a gourmet nod to the dark side, take your themed decorations down to the finest details or just have a little fun:

Plates, platters and pumpkins plush or permanent; mugs, candleholders, hot sauces, and many of our seasonal favourites - including bat-shaped ricotta ravioli from Queen's Pasta, dulce-de-leche-filled-copper-painted chocolate skulls from Laura Slack and the very last batch of the famous pumpkin fudge from Stratford's Nudge Nudge Fudge.

And, of course, candy in all its forms from health-conscious to luxurious, kid-friendly to grown up. Stock up for a weekend party or provision for the parade of ghouls and goblins, Wonder Women and Pennywises - as the spirit moves you.

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