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Alveole tastes of Toronto

You've probably heard about the challenges facing bee populations worldwide - and not only how that affects them but how, in turn, that affects us humans who depend on the work of bees to cheaply and efficiently pollinate many of the crops on which we depend. And yet pesticide use, habitat destruction and other threats to apian life keep ramping up.

While we should all demand greater protection for these important ecological partners in all kinds of habitats, it turns out that cities are often great places for bees to thrive: there are strict anti-pesticide laws, untapped floral diversity and largely unused rooftop spaces. Alvéole is a Montreal-based company dedicated to building that urban ecology and part of that is building a market for the sweet results - urban honey.

Bees collect the nectar to support their colonies generally within about a 5km radius, so each location creates a distinct flavour and colour profile reflective of the local flora and conditions. The original Montreal tasting box is available so you can compare the neighbourhoods of Villeray, NDG-Westmount, Saint-Henri and The Plateau but Alvéole is now well established in Toronto. For yourself or for a gift, what better way to share the taste of Toronto than this collection of honeys produced by urban bees in the Junction, Rosedale, Cabbagetown and Leslieville.  

Share this post and let's create some real buzz around this great project and great product! And to see how you can bring urban beekeeping to your home or business, visit the Alvéole site here.

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