The Subtle Art of Refreshment

Lacroix flavoured sparkling water

Honestly, the most thoroughly refreshing drink on the planet is water - no matter what the pop and beer companies spend millions telling you. Sometimes a sparkling water adds an extra jolt of satisfaction but when it comes to flavour, most of the options out there try to slip in a little (or a lot) of sugar or other sweeteners. 

From a variety of natural sources around the U.S. we are now welcoming LaCroix (it's an American brand so it's pronounced "la-CROY") as a truly refreshing - in both senses of the word - alternative. In fact, we thought we'd discovered this product on our own but already a number of customers have come in expressing delight that this no calorie/no sweetener/no sodium product subtly flavoured with all natural fruit essences that they experienced during their travels south of the border is now available locally and have been buying by the 12-pack.

We're starting small - with the lemon, lime, grapefruit and peach-pear flavours but - depending on how much people like them - we'll add more from the full flavour line-up as they become available in Canada.

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