Thanksgiving Bounty

Thanksgiving Bounty

Thanksgiving stuff!

In typical fashion, many Canadians got very excited this past week that the New York Times had paid any attention to us - especially in the swirl of their election campaign. What made our eyelash-batting even sadder than usual is that the article was a piece about how Americans really didn't know that Canadians had their own Thanksgiving holiday. Both the Americans and the Canadians interviewed for the piece seemed to emphasize that the Canadian holiday was merely a kind of "lite" version of the the American one - without the travel madness and football games but with most of the other trimmings, foodwise. 

I'm not sure why this is so confusing to people. It stands to reason that thanks givings by that or any other name around the world would centre around a harvest feast at the end of the growing season. Our more northern latitude would suggest a slightly shorter season for many of the same things one would find on an American harvest table and so an earlier date to express some gratitude there for. Mystery solved, NYT!

But answering that question for our American cousins doesn't solve your questions about how to prepare for your feasting needs this weekend. Never mind, we have answers for that too! Once you've sourced your turkey (or turducken or tofurkey or whatever substitute you might have in mind - pumpkin risotto is one great option!) come on in to the Mercantile for everything else: from rubs and sauces and fillings and flavours to napkins and tea towels and table charms - including the delightful little roasting turkey salt and pepper shaker set you see front and centre in the picture. Plus, we're maintaining our seasonal supply of pumpkin fudge. It won't last forever and some customers are already on their second and third rounds (FOMO)!

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