Thankful for Modglass

Modglass oven to table

The Thanksgiving weekend is upon us! Perhaps you're hosting, perhaps you're a guest who's been asked to bring your famed sweet potato purée or maybe you're just preparing for the post-prandial nap. Whatever your situation, you should be well-advanced in your planning by now. If not, we've got all kinds of things to fill out the groaning board - from cranberry to fudge to pumpkin risotto and more. But look beyond the feast for a moment...

You wouldn't be surprised to see these great serving dishes at a yard sale and you'd snap them up quick in spite of evidence of decades of use. But these are brand new from Modglass by NowDesigns. They go effortlessly from oven to table to microwave to fridge with that perfectly Scandinavian combination of playfulness and elegance. They come in three sizes:
* Small: 6" diameter x 2.75" high. and holds 1 quart.
* Medium: 7" diameter x 3" high and holds 1.6 quarts.
* Large: 8" diameter x 3.75" high and holds 2.6 quarts.

Perfect for stuffing, roasties and that sweet potato purée - right at the table or for next week's leftovers!

Find them on the main table just inside the door.

A reminder that we are open regular hours on the weekend and CLOSED on Monday.
Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends and neighbours!

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