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To those of you recently subscribed to our newsletter, welcome.
And to those of you veteran readers, this is a very rare Tuesday edition!

Typically, the newsletter arrives midmorning on a Thursday or Friday.
We hope that you find it informative and at least mildly entertaining.
There's no hard sell, no pestering, no avalanche of details. It's just a weekly occasion to talk about something in the store that's captured our interest and that we hope might capture yours - whether that's a new product we're carrying or something fun we've discovered to do with products you already know and love.
Occasionally, it's an opportunity to let you know about special sales or calendar events you might need reminding about, a recipe or two, interesting links to share or invitations to events like the one we held in store this past Thursday.

Speaking of which... THANK YOU to all of you who attended. It felt really special to have you in store after hours and to see so many customers, friends and neighbours sharing a drink and a snack. After a decade in the neighbourhood, it really seemed like it was about time we did that and it felt like a warm hug all evening.

Thanks again to our friends at Junction Craft Brewing for providing the beer and April Voth (yes, that April Voth!) for running the bar. Thanks to our stalwart suppliers Salt Gourmet, Neal Brothers and Mad Mexican for contributing edibles for the evening and as part of the prize gift basket.

Our other two prizes were generous gift certificates from our good friends at Pizzeria Defina and Imelda and I guess now is the time to announce the winners of those three prizes, selected at random from the entire list of newsletter subscribers:
[DRUM ROLL.....]
Alison gets the best pizza in the city (and more) at Defina;
Kim ups her fashion footwear game with Imelda; and
Nick gets a feast for the senses with a big basket of tasty treats as well as salt scrub and room and body spray from local heroes Really Great Goods.
By the time you read this they will all have been informed directly.

Thanks again to everyone who attended and sorry to those who couldn't make it on Thursday. We'll try not to make it 10 years before our next get together! And a special thanks to our friends and neighbours at Barque Smokehouse and Willem & Jools for the unexpected gifts and for reminding us of just how special this community is for all of us lucky enough to serve it.

Look for our regular newsletter coming Friday morning.

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