The Rise and Fall and Rise of Pad Thai

Pad Thai Fixin's

It's a very common story in the world of culinary trends:

A dish from outside of the mainstream culture is identified by critics and food fashionistas as "the quintessential flavour" of whatever place and everyone imagines themselves as some modern day urban explorer as they seek out restaurants and recipes and the buzz grows. Then the most interesting edges of it kind of get smoothed out and before you know it the dish starts showing up on every corner. It happened to Spaghetti Bolognese and Chicken Kiev in their day; it happened to Nachos, it happened to Jerk, it happened to Butter Chicken and it happened to Pad Thai. By the time the dish has shown up on the menu at Kelsey's, trendsetters have declared it an inferior example of the originating cuisine and they start looking for the Next Big Thing.

But when the foundations of the dish are strong it can just move into the repertoire of home cooks and not bother about whether its trending on Instagram (looking at you, #blackicecream)! So we were looking at a few basic items on our shelves - and a couple of new additions from Lotus Foods - and we thought this might be a great opportunity to remind everyone that 8 million residents of Bangkok can't be wrong: Pad Thai is hearty and delicious and made even simpler than it already is with this great recipe from Epicurious. PLUS, with our new black rice noodles you can choose to make it just that much sexier and more exotic if you want!

Come to us for the noodles, sambal, tamarind and fish sauce (maybe even use our black peanuts to match or contrast the noodles!) then head down a few doors for some shrimp from our friends at De La Mer.

กินให้อร่อย (gin hâi a-ròi)!

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