Mother's Day 2020

It's not your typical Mother's Day. Let us help you make sure you can still acknowledge your mom, even if you can't see her as you might normally this coming Sunday.
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Mom, so sweet!

For a long time, Wendell Estate creamed honey has been a favourite of ours but they've recently introduced a new organic line and we've got it in store now!
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Make Mom's Day

Laura Slack's chocolate flowers

The modern Mother's Day was founded in 1908 in West Virginia by Anna Jarvis to honour her own mother, who had been a peace activist who cared for wounded soldiers on both sides of the American Civil War. Later in life, Jarvis protested the commercialization of the day she had founded and the various fundraising activities that linked themselves to the holiday. 

So first - in keeping with Jarvis' original spirit (or, for that matter, the festivals recognizing the power and influence of motherhood in many cultures dating back thousands of years!) - let us encourage you to think this Sunday about how to acknowledge your own mother or the mother figures in your life in your own words or music or art or action.

But second - admitting that we live in a culture that frequently expresses itself through gifts and tokens and that the Mercantile prides itself on featuring products of great quality made by the loving hands of people we know - if you are planning on getting a little something for the Mom in your life as a token of your appreciation, we have all kinds of delights in store (if you haven't already blown your budget at the Toronto Flower Market that launches its season tomorrow on the grounds of CAMH!).

Of course we've got cards and cookies and gifts and chocolates of all sorts but once again we feel compelled to talk about our friend Laura Slack - the Toronto chocolatier who continues to excel with her artful creations made using the very finest chocolate. Pick up a box of her latest truffle assortment OR how about  getting the best of both worlds with these hand painted chocolate flowers!?!? (though it is debatable which - between real flowers from the market or Laura's chocolate variety - would last longer in the house!)

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Let's be honest, even if you forgot Mother's Day until the very last minute, our store would be the one you'd want to stumble into in a blind panic. We have so many nice things that could be fine gifts for the table, kitchen or bar or simply a treat that's something a bit special (I'm looking at you, copper-handled salad tongs and Laura Slack chocolate bars!)
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