January sales series continues with Ruby Ginger Elixir

Meredith's Ruby Ginger Elixir

As anyone who's ever taken a Roncy Food Nook tour will know, we're proud to offer the complete line of syrups and elixirs from Meredith's Ginger of Meaford Ontario year round - in spite of not having a whole lot of room in our modest fridge! But this time of year we have to make a little extra room for Meredith's seasonal specialty Ruby Ginger Elixir, made with fresh clementine, cranberry and orange blossom.

We hate to admit it, that festive season is coming to an end and so we need to make room for other things in our fridge. And as part of our January weekly sale series, we're offering the remainder of the RGE at 25% off, starting today through next Thursday (or until it's gone, whichever comes first!)

You'll find the fridge at the back of the store on the left.

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Meredith's Holiday Ginger Collection

Meredith's Ginger Syrups & Elixirs of Meaford Ontario are a great example of the world-class local products we feature at the Mercantile. They have become a customer favourite for everything from cocktails to teas to straight shots for a healthy boost during cold season.

Like many locally made products, these are made in small batches and any slight issue at the production end might result in dwindling stock on our shelves - there are no warehouses of preservative-filled bottles to draw from - so occasionally we find that demand exceeds supply. But it seems Meredith has borrowed a few elves from the workshop and just this week delivered an abundant Santa-sack of syrups and elixirs including all the regular flavours plus the holiday favourite Ruby Ginger Elixir with clementine, cranberry and orange blossom PLUS two new special edition recipes: Turmeric Cardamom Syrup and Asian Pear Elixir.

You'll find the elixirs in the fridge at the back of the store and the syrups at the front with several sizes to choose from and a special Holiday Syrup Set for the ginger fiends on your gift list.

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Summer Blue

Meredith's Blueberry Elixir

Ontario strawberries come for that brief period at the beginning of summer and they are spectacular. Ontario blueberries have a longer season (roughly May to September) and in that sense they define the taste of summer in this province. So it's perhaps not surprising that Meredith - our favourite mad scientist of Meaford - has captured that flavour in her latest specialty elixir. The lemon, lime and straight ginger versions remain the core of the line-up but this branching out into seasonal editions has been spectacular - combining powerful ginger with honey she raises herself and bold fruit flavours.

Some people use them medicinally, some purely for flavour, some for a soothing tea, some for a bracing soft drink and some for a zingy cocktail. It is versatile, healthy and delicious and the blueberry variety has really captured the essence of Ontario in a bottle for us all. Try gin or vodka and soda with a splash of this for an instant summer classic. You'll find it in the fridge at the back of the store.

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