Rocking Like Roncy

Kinsip Sampling at Roncy Rocks

We all know that Roncy rocks, generally speaking. But tomorrow is the day when the street puts that sentiment into action (and music) with one of the city's best street festivals, drawing on both visiting talent (like the Conor Gains Band) and neighbourhood heroes (like Lindy Vopnfjord). For a complete rundown of participating musicians, artists and vendors, check out Roncy Rocks online.

Our part in the festivities is pretty low-key - we don't have a BBQ or anything. But we do have lots of treats and refreshments inside and we're anticipating at least SOME Father's Day shoppers who are thinking a week ahead. For those in that category we have some great ideas for bar, barbecue and lots more.

We do also have some wonderful new friends from Kinsip in Prince Edward County. We wrote about them in this space a few weeks ago and we're proud to offer their Whiskey Barrel Aged Maple Syrup and their awesome selection of aromatic bitters (either of which would make a great Father's Day gift, BTW!). Not sure? Kinsip will be set up in front of the store for Roncy Rocks offering samples of both the bitter and the sweet and we'll be offering $1 off any Kinsip product from 11-4 on Saturday.

No, YOU rock!

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The Bitter and the Sweet

Kinsip Bitters and Maple Syrup

Were this good sized chunk of land not clinging to the north shore at Twelve O'Clock Point between Brighton and Trenton, Lake Ontario would have its very own Prince Edward Island. Instead, we have a Prince Edward County - a genuine sweet spot in the province with its very own microclimate to prove it. 

Famous poets, musicians and painters have been drawn to the area over many decades along with some extraordinary farmers, vintners and food artisans. It is the source of wonderful produce, fine cheeses, beers, wines, ciders and now a new distillery called Kinsip making gin, vodka, shochu, whisky, rye, rum, brandy and even a "County Cassis".

Of course, we are not licensed or equipped to carry any of these fine tipples but Kinsip does produce some delicious things we can carry:

Introducing Kinsip Bitters in Sour Cherry, Orange, Ginger, House Recipe, Lavender Lemon and Hibiscus Rosehip - great additions to the toolkit of any pro or amateur mixologist - and Kinsip whisky-barrel-aged Maple Syrup. It's got a really lovely, robust, smoky flavour that pairs as well with pancakes as it does with cocktails.

Find both in store to your left as you come in the store in the bitters and maple syrup sections respectively!

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Tree Juices

Tree Juices

We've got our own little syrup tsunami to celebrate a season where the sap is flowing full-tap - the region's best organic syrups including offerings from Drip Maple, Edwin County Farms, County Yum, Shady Maple and Citadelle as well as the classic Canadian tins (in three sizes) from Jakeman's. We are a lucky nation indeed to be such a major producer.

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