Summer Refreshment at your fingertips, literally.

Augie's Ice Pops

We figure most of you know that we carry a couple of different (but equally great) lines of ice-pop moulds so you can make frozen treats at home. We know this because we are already on our second or even third order of the things. We keep selling out of them!

But for those muggy days when you're not at home but you need a quick hit of cool, we've got ready-made ice-pops in our freezer at the back of the store. And not just any ice pops. They're the best in the city and they're made right here in the Roncesvalles neighbourhood: Augie's.

Of course, there's no pleasure like a simple pleasure and Augie's ice pops certainly do the trick. But some of those flavour combinations (wild blueberry citrus, strawberry basil lemonade, Vietnamese coffee...) hint at a background working with some of the city's top chefs and a dedication to sourcing local ingredients from the farms where the flavours grow. Simplicity and sophistication in one delicious, refreshing treat, right at your fingertips and right down the street at the Mercantile.

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DIY Summer

Tovolo, Lekue and Onyx ice pop molds

In spite of the cool spring, we've already seen quite a run on our selection of ice-pop molds. But with summer starting to come seriously into view, we expect to see a lot more people coming in to find the best way to make their favourite easy summer treat.

We have a variety of styles, shapes and materials to choose from - from the classic rocket and playful "thumbsucker" molds in BPA-free plastic by Tovolo to the innovative horizontal silicon trays by Lekue (available singly or in sets of four - perfect if you have one of those dedicated flat ice-cube drawers in your freezer) and the super-durable, fast-freezing, easy-to-clean stainless steel models from Onyx.

Perhaps the best idea is to get a couple of different styles so you can have one reserved for the kids' treats and another dedicated to the grown-up ice-pops you might experiment with, like this one!

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Summer Sneak Peek

PopStand Ice Pops

While it's cooled off towards more seasonable temperatures heading into this long weekend, summer did give us a tantalizing preview earlier this week. So we thought we'd give you an equally tantalizing sneak peek of summer ourselves:

Like the burger and the G&T, ice pops have been undergoing a renaissance in recent years that taps into a deep nostalgia for these cooling treats but updates the flavours for our ever-expanding palates. Kari Marshall's Pop Stand series is, we think, the most interesting entrant into this market with flavours that range from the traditional to the experimental. Among our favourites now available at The Mercantile:

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Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures

Sometimes the simple pleasures are the best - like a frozen treat on a hot summer day. And who can forget reaching into that corner store freezer for an ice pop and then gnawing on it until it was almost gone and all that was left was to suck out the last few drops of melted flavour left in that spent plastic sleeve?

But sometimes the simple things aren't so simple. Have you read the ingredients list on some of those ice pops lately? All kinds of artificial flavours and colours and stabilizers and preservatives. Jon's Pops mark a return to simplicity with a distinctly local flavour.

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