Easter is just a hop away!


Time sure seems to move in funny ways of late. Days blend together and it seems like ages ago that we went about life as usual - when really it was just a matter of weeks. In that sense, Easter arrives almost as a surprise. But then, Easter is often about surprise. Spring, renewal, the sudden, vivid presence of colour - all have the effect of delight and we could all use a little of that these days.

Of course, social distancing means we're not gathering together as we might normally at this time of year with friends and family. But that's no reason to forego other aspects of the tradition within your household.

That's why we're well stocked with colourful Easter treats from some of our regular and seasonal suppliers, including chocolate from Roger's, Saxon, Denman Island, Laura Slack, Galerie au Chocolat and more. We've got bunnies, foiled eggs, Victoria Creams and other favourites - not to mention cookie cutters, Easter sprinkles, egg cups, ceramic bunnies, tea towels, napkins... as Bugs would say: "et cetera, et cetera, et cetera"

Of course, we'd love to see you in the store (just a few at a time, please - peek through the window to check) but it is customary to have a certain fluffy visitor hop by the house at this time of year so let us be your Easter Bunny. We're delivering Wednesdays and Fridays. Email your order or call on the phone during our revised business hours - we can take credit card payments over the phone.

Details - including a rough menu of everything in the store for all your pantry needs - is available on our Facebook page. If you're not already following us there look for RoncyMercantile.

Happy Easter!

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It's Hopping around here!


Don't tell the kids but a certain long-eared cotton-tail comes to the Mercantile a little bit earlier than to your house... and drops off a TON of colourful treats for every budget and every taste. We're giving you a heads up to let you know we've seen the bunny tracks and we've got the goods to prove the existence of the Easter Bunny!

Old standbys like Jellybeans, Easter Gummies, Malted Eggs, Chocolate Robin's Eggs, Foil Eggs and special seasonal offerings from friends like Laura Slack, Denman Island, Roger's, Saxon and gummy treats and carrot-cake marshmallows from Tout de Sweet.

PLUS, we've got dishes and egg cups and napkins and tea towels and table charms (including bunnies in a variety of sizes). You can even buy our delightful daisy-eggs right from the window display!
We're open Good Friday and Saturday as normal but closed Easter Sunday and Monday. We'll give you more reminders as we get closer but the goodies tend to go fast so we thought we'd let you know now to give you plenty of time.
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How Much Are Those Bunnies in the Window?

Canoodling Window Bunnies

As promised, here's your Good Friday Reminder!

That's right, it is officially Easter. Our window has the canoodling bunnies to prove it and our shelves are positively groaning with Easter treats:

Chocolates from Roger's and Saxon and Dufflet and Denman Island and, of course, the extraordinary creations of Toronto's own Laura Slack - including the meticulously rendered and handpainted (and entirely edible) chick named Egbert (available in both milk and dark varieties); but also organic jelly beans and malt eggs and Hershey eggs and marshmallow chicks and bunny treat bags and egg table charms and our famous ceramic Yoga Bunnies - who might arrive for Easter but stay in your home to offer leporine serenity year round.

It is all going fast. Remember, the idea is for YOU to hide the chocolate for kids to find. We don't want you to have to search under anything to find it in the store so you've got today and tomorrow to provision!

We're open tonight until 8, tomorrow 10:30am-&;00pm. We are CLOSED on Easter Sunday AND Easter Monday (we're no April Fools!)
Hop on in and Happy Easter!

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Egbert & The Yoga Bunnies...

Egbert & the Yoga Bunnies

You're right - that does sound like an awesome band name!

But, in fact, it's merely a suggestion of the wide variety of Easter items currently in stock at the Mercantile.

That's right. Easter! You'd forgotten somehow, hadn't you? It's actually Good Friday THIS COMING FRIDAY. It's easy to lose track with these movable feasts!

There's no way for us to forget in the shop since we're surrounded by some of the finest Easter treats available: chocolates from Roger's and Saxon and Denman Island and, of course, the extraordinary creations of Toronto's own Laura Slack - including the meticulously rendered and handpainted (and entirely edible) chick named Egbert, pictured here in glorious colour (and available in both milk and dark varieties); but also jelly beans and malt eggs and Hershey eggs and marshmallow chicks and bunny treat bags and egg table charms and our famous ceramic Yoga Bunnies, also pictured here - who might arrive for Easter but stay in your home to offer leporine serenity year round.

Once people do twig to Easter, they usually make quick work of our stock so don't leave it too late.
We are CLOSED on Easter Sunday AND Easter Monday, regular hours on Friday and Saturday. Hop on in!


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The Natural Easter Egg

Murray's Farm Eggs

Bunnies, chicks and eggs. They are EVERYWHERE right now with Easter around the corner. And, of course, they are ancient symbols of fertility and renewal that coincide with the equinox and the arrival - finally - of spring.

As always, we have an amazing selection of the chocolate iterations of these seasonal icons and we'll talk about those next week. But this week, we wanted to go all-natural.

We have been very proud for the last few years to be your neighbourhood source for what we consider to be the very best pastured eggs available. Murray Thunberg operates his farm near Cambridge Ontario and he raises his hens (and pigs, though we don't carry the pork!) the old fashioned way. In each box of Murray's Farm eggs you'll find a variety of shell colours (and different tones of yolk when you crack them open too). They are rich and flavourful and they are pretty enough to serve as pre-painted eggs but there's no artificial colour here; merely the reflection of the different heritage hen breeds occupying Murray's barn: Jersey Giants, Golden Buff Orpingtons; Silver Pencilled Rocks, Blue Copper Maran and others.

So we'll set you up for chocolate eggs and there are other places on Roncy where you can get decorating supplies and even elaborate Easter Egg stencils but if you want to have just naturally beautiful eggs in your fridge over Easter, head to our fridge at the back of the store and pick up a carton as soon as you can. Our regular customers usually clean us out but at this time of year the demand for Murray's gorgeous eggs is especially high and it's not hard to see why.

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Easter is Upon Us

Happy Easter from The Mercantile!

Well, it was inevitable.
Sean Rooney's remarkable balloon bunnies in our display windows have been shrinking before our eyes. Come to think of it, they seemed to diminish at almost the same pace as our stock of Easter goodies inside the shop!

But don't worry, there's still lots left - from super cute salt and pepper shakers, egg cups, platters and table charms to the usual suspects of chocolate bunnies and eggs, brightly coloured gummies, jellybeans, malted eggs and much more. Our very real Murray Farms eggs are collected from a variety of heritage hens on the farm near Stratford so they're already a variety of colours - no painting necessary! You'll find them in the fridge at the back of the store.

And, of course, it wouldn't be Easter without Egbert - Laura Slack's utterly extraordinary  handpainted (but entirely edible) sculpted chocolate chick (among her wider collection of Easter specialties).

Just don't wait too long.
We're open Thursday and Friday 10:30am-8:00pm and Saturday 10:30-7:00. But we're CLOSED Sunday and Monday. So let your hunt for the best in Easter treats start at the Mercantile today!

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Multiplying Bunnies

Sean Rooney's Balloon artistry

For all the clichés about rabbits multiplying, the fact is that - come Easter-time at the Mercantile - bunnies actually disappear pretty quickly. For example, our famed Yoga-Bunnies that we brought in a few weeks ago are all gone already! (we've requested more but they likely won't arrive in time for Easter).

Having said that, bunnies and chicks and all things Easter are multiplying on our shelves at the moment (though they won't last long either!). There are ceramic ones and chocolate ones, candy ones and felt ones, ornate ones and simple ones, edible ones and decorative ones - all of which we'll highlight next week as the rush really ramps up. But today we wanted to invite you to come by the store - even if you're not thinking Easter yet and even if you don't have time to actually come through the door - just to have a look at the display in our window.

The bunnies currently populating our windows are the creation of Balloon Maestro Sean Rooney. Sean is a guy we've known for many years and he is an artist like no other. A trailblazing innovator, he has developed techniques to make magic, music, fashion, sculpture, puppets, and sound effects using balloons as his sole visible (and acoustic) prop. 
He has been performing and sculpting for over twenty years, in thirty countries, in venues big and small. He has constructed massive balloon art installations of buildings and dinosaurs and motorcycles, he has created an orchestra's worth of working balloon instruments for famous musicians, he created an entire, sensuous balloon world for a video by Toronto electroclash superstar Peaches and made balloon creatures and more for Celine Dion's family Christmas party in Montreal! Follow the Balloon Maestro link above to see and learn more.

So if you haven't walked past the Mercantile lately, make sure you come out for a stroll in the nice weather this weekend. If you're not thinking about Easter yet, Sean's work will certainly impress you and possibly inspire you to think about the other bunnies that await in store.

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Something Fishy (in a very good way!)

Something Fishy (in a very good way!)

On our shelves, the very best canned wild salmon and tuna from The Fishery on Vancouver Island. In our freezer, their superfine salmon and tuna patés and in our fridge beautiful chunks of salmon packed with sliced onion in a tart and sweet marinade of vinegar, water, salt, sugar and dill - nothing else. Wild BC salmon is a treat for much of the world. Let these products from The Fishery be a treat for you, your family and friends at your next gathering . Serve as an appetizer as part of a charcuterie selection, in salads or even with a little rice for a satisfying lunch.
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At Least it's Spring in the Store!

At Least it's Spring in the Store!

There's Easter chocolate and candy galore in store but it's not all about the edibles. We've got table charms, salt and pepper shakers, candles and candle stands, egg cups, cards, tea towels, cocktail napkins, all with either Easter themes or enough spring colours to keep the freezing rain at bay.
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Bunnies and Chicks Abound!

Bunnies and Chicks Abound!

For Easter, we've got beautiful foil-wrapped chocolates from Roger's, classic candy-coated chocolate eggs, malt eggs, chocolate bunnies and eggs in a variety of sizes and styles from top quality chocolatiers but there's no doubt which chocolate birds rule the roost...once again it's got to be Laura Slack's Egbert.

Easter hours:
Good Friday 10:30am-8:00pm, Saturday 10:30am-7:00pm.
Closed Sunday and Monday
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