Something Saucy for Father's Day

Father's Day Sauces

Honestly, we know many of our customers personally and we recognize people don't fall into neat stereotypes. And yet, when Mother's Day and Father's Day come around - even without our mentioning anything or making special displays - people tend to default to some of the stereotypical gifts. In this case, the DAD=BBQ stereotype. Keep in mind, if you don't to give them to dad, they're still delicious for whoever wants to use them!

SO, with that proviso, here are some of the items we know are going to be popular for Father's Day this coming Sunday:

From out Hamilton way, the latest in the line-up from small batch ketchup producers "Twisted Tomato" series, including Chipotle, Garlic, Bacon and - our favourite - Dill Pickle flavours. New to the series this year also are Buffalo Dill wing sauce and a Sauerkraut and Horseradish Mustard!

Stonewall Kitchen has a huge line of products available at their own retail stores in the U.S. We're just offering this carefully curated selection of BBQ sauces, including Bourbon-Molasses and Honey-Sriracha.

And finally, a couple of DIY brothers with roots in Montréal's food community bring a purist's attitude to their beautiful Smoke Show hot sauce. First of all, jalapeños and smoke. That's kind of it. Plastic squeeze bottle (like our friends at Heartbeats) because that just makes sense and is more elegant and easy for everyday use. And NO SKULLS OR CROSSBONES! Frankly, everyone in hotsauceland is trying to outdo themselves with the graphics to make you think something is going to take your head off. What's the point of that? These guys just deliver great flavour in a convenient, tasteful and tasty format. The Father's Day gift pack includes the basic Jalapeño Sauce, the Jalapeño BBQ Sauce and the Jalapeño Aioli.

If dad isn't the BBQ master at your house, pick yourself one (or all) of these great sauces) and serve them to Dad on Sunday - that makes it still a Father's Day Gift!


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Be the Best BBQ Guest

For the gear and the know-how this BBQ season, visit our neighbours up the street at The Cookery. For everything else related to flavour and refreshment, we're your next stop for both hosts AND guests of our favourite backyard celebrations.
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OMG - it's almost Father's Day!

Father's Day stuff

If you're like most families in the neighbourhood, you AND dad have been engrossed in the fortunes of our Toronto Raptors and you may have forgotten that Sunday is Father's Day! Let's hope you'll be able to give dad your full attention on Sunday - assuming we take care of the Warriors tomorrow night in Oakland.

Whether it becomes a shared celebration or not, we have a great selection of stuff for the dads in your life - including the best non-alcoholic beer around. Partake Brewing. Headquartered in Calgary and brewed in Vancouver with Research and Development based in Toronto (in partnership with Durham College!), Partake is a true Canadian product that began with a Kickstarter campaign in 2017 followed with support from investor Manjit Minhas on "Dragon's Den" with a mission to bring craft beer taste and variety to the growing near-beer market. It is now available across Canada and in parts of the U.S. 

With a cold one in one hand and a spatula in the other, you might also want to give dad some saucy options for the BBQ. We have many to choose from, including a zesty trio from Kozlik's - the kings of Canadian mustard.

There's lots more, of course, whatever your dad's personal tastes, as well as the best curated (though steadily dwindling!) selection of Father's Day cards on the block.

Happy Father's Day (and Go Raptors!)

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Prime 'Q

BBQ Suite

Well, we're in the thick of it now.
With good weather and longer days, we want to maximize the time outdoors and so cooking moves to the deck or the yard or the balcony or the tailgate. Whether you're a wood or charcoal purist or belong to the Hank Hill propane-powered team, there's something so satisfying about cooking on the grill. Our neighbours at Pollocks Home Hardware and The Cookery have a variety of useful tools (many on sale as we speak!) and our pals at De La Mer, Village Meats, Butcher Bar, The Meat Dept., Rowe Farms and our plentiful veggie markets have all the options of what products go on your grill. But planning for your BBQ is not complete until you've stopped in at The Mercantile.

For pre-seasoning we've got everything from Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt and an array of peppers to a great range of honeys, oils and vinegars. Peruse our spice shelves to concoct your own flavour mixes or select from among our many spice rubs. And then, of course, there are the BBQ sauces. Pictured here are just a handful of our many available options but we especially wanted to point out the grill-specific additions to the line-up from No. 7 Hot Sauces - a great Toronto company. They've introduced a classic Mexican BBQ sauce AND a series of Portuguese-style grill sauces called "Sandra's Piri Piri".

PLUS, right now we have the last of our grill planks on sale for 25% off! 
So make sure you put us on your BBQ provisions circuit and Happy Grilling!

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North Ontario Meets North Africa

North Ontario Meets North Africa

Settling in Toronto, Walid Hachani just wasn't finding a harissa to measure up to his mother's so he decided to make it himself and so El Tounsi Foods was born. Walid promises there's more to come from El Tounsi in his quest to introduce the Canadian palate to the full range of North African cuisine but it all starts with harissa.
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Immerse the individual cedar wraps in whatever liquid you like - apple cider, beef stock, wine, bourbon - then tie them around your main course - fish, seafood, beef, pork, chicken, corn, stuffed eggplant! - and let the alchemy of fire, smoke and aromatic steam go to work. The results are super moist and flavourful. Plus, when it comes to plating, you're not just serving up another charred piece of chicken - you're presenting a.... present. The experience of unwrapping the bundle and feeling that first waft of smoky, aromatic goodness overtake your senses is a culinary gift your dinner guests will love.
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Dad's Day

Dad's Day

Yes, we have all the typical stuff proffered as "dad-ish" on Father's Day - bottle openers and cocktail bitters and sauces and rubs for the BBQ and, of course, our great selection of Father's Day cards. And if the Dad in your life is into that stuff, well you know where to come for the best. But even those kinds of dads would probably appreciate having a break on Sunday and since the forecast is for great weather, how about YOU do the grill honours? Maybe that's YOUR thing?

The new line of Badass BBQ sauces from Wildly Delicious pack the punch the name promises and a small but mighty selection of genuine North Carolina-style sauces from Milton Ontario's Wildman's Backwoods BBQ feature that perfect balance of sweet and spicy, tangy, salty and smokey. 

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