Spring Cleaning

Spring Sale Collage

As predicted, most of our Easter stock went quick like a bunny. There is still a little bit of chocolate and a few decor items left but not really enough to make a fuss about (they are on sale nonetheless!). 

However, the appearance of a few buds in the garden reminded us that we could probably use a bit of a spring cleaning before we get overwhelmed with ice-pop molds so we're having a special 50% off sale on selected items.

You'll see them all on the main table as you come in the store - including a variety of kitchen canisters and utensil holders; sturdy and shapely Paderno salt and pepper mills; colourful and practical triple-insulated water bottles suitable for the gym, trail or classroom; and the strikingly retro-designed fridge-to-oven-to-table-ware from ModGlass. We've had more people oooohhh and aaaahhh over those than just about anything else in the store but you always get the feeling they're waiting for them to show up  in a garage sale twenty years from now. At 50% off, this is kind of like our own little in-store garage sale so why not enjoy them now?!?!

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