Spring Cleaning

A New Look for the Mercantile

According to the calendar, it is officially spring! And sure, everyone is starting to think about freshening things up a bit as we ponder more sunshine and warmer weather on the way. For those of you so inclined we've got some top quality cleaning products from Mrs. Meyers and Ecover - along with EuroScrubbies, kitchen towels and the unbeatable Jude's Miracle Cloth.

But you may have noticed in the last little while we've been freshening up our own look too. We've streamlined our window and door decals and we have a brand new logo that we hope captures the spirit of what it is you love about The Mercantile.

Now, we're not a big corporation so we won't call it a "re-branding" per se - we'll continue to offer the same great products, friendly service and fresh ideas we've always been known for - but it does mean you'll see things like cards and labels and bags change gradually over the next little while.  For now, we wanted to celebrate our 18 years in business while Canada celebrates it's 150th and face the future with a fresh new look. Hope you like it!

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