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Spooky Specialties

Sweet and Savoury Halloween Treats

On my street, growing up, the McCauley house was the best house to visit on Halloween.  They put blue and green lights under the car port and piped in scary music. Mrs. McCauley wore a witch costume (wait a minute, I assume it was Mrs. McCauley!) and stood at the top of the driveway stirring a cauldron swirling in dry ice. From the cauldron she dispensed little cups of delicious hot chocolate!

If the weather keeps up we might not need hot chocolate but it's always nice to get something at the door that's not your typical candy.  So this year, consider handing out SurfSweets Organic gummies - they're made from organic fruit juice with no artificial colours or flavours. They're vegan, fortified with vitamin C and free of corn syrup, dairy, soy, gluten and the 10 most common allergens and they're made in a nut-free facility. You can buy individual packets for yourself or a few big bags of 20 packets each to keep by the door. Something you won't feel too guilty about handing out this Halloween.

And once you've exhausted your supply and blown the candle out in your pumpkin, it's time to treat yourself. We recommend the bat-shaped black ravioli from Queen's Pasta, which you'll find in our freezer (perhaps accompanied by a Sangre del Toro red wine) and, for dessert, one of Laura Slack's famous handpainted dulce-de-leche-filled chocolate skulls.

Of course, there's a lot more in store as well - from Halloween table charms to cake decorations to candles to candies and loads more chocolate.

Don't forget to take your pumpkin to Sorauren Park on November 1st for the annual Pumpkin Parade! I wonder how many Trumpkins we'll see this year?

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