Something Saucy for Father's Day

Honestly, we know many of our customers personally and we recognize people don't fall into neat stereotypes. And yet, when Mother's Day and Father's Day come around - even without our mentioning anything or making special displays - people tend to default to some of the stereotypical gifts. In this case, the DAD=BBQ stereotype. Keep in mind, if you don't to give them to dad, they're still delicious for whoever wants to use them!

SO, with that proviso, here are some of the items we know are going to be popular for Father's Day this coming Sunday:

From out Hamilton way, the latest in the line-up from small batch ketchup producers "Twisted Tomato" series, including Chipotle, Garlic, Bacon and - our favourite - Dill Pickle flavours. New to the series this year also are Buffalo Dill wing sauce and a Sauerkraut and Horseradish Mustard!

Stonewall Kitchen has a huge line of products available at their own retail stores in the U.S. We're just offering this carefully curated selection of BBQ sauces, including Bourbon-Molasses and Honey-Sriracha.

And finally, a couple of DIY brothers with roots in Montréal's food community bring a purist's attitude to their beautiful Smoke Show hot sauce. First of all, jalapeños and smoke. That's kind of it. Plastic squeeze bottle (like our friends at Heartbeats) because that just makes sense and is more elegant and easy for everyday use. And NO SKULLS OR CROSSBONES! Frankly, everyone in hotsauceland is trying to outdo themselves with the graphics to make you think something is going to take your head off. What's the point of that? These guys just deliver great flavour in a convenient, tasteful and tasty format. The Father's Day gift pack includes the basic Jalapeño Sauce, the Jalapeño BBQ Sauce and the Jalapeño Aioli.

If dad isn't the BBQ master at your house, pick yourself one (or all) of these great sauces) and serve them to Dad on Sunday - that makes it still a Father's Day Gift!