Some thoughts for Canada Day

Maple Syrup

There's certainly much to celebrate about Canada and things Canadian and we like to think we do that year 'round by featuring an ever-growing number of products across multiple categories that are evidence of Canadians of all backgrounds making products that sit so comfortably with all the great products we carry from around the world. As we say, we are your Local-Global pantry.

With the extra attention on Canada Day for the 150th celebrations this year, to be honest we've been wanting not so much to wave the flag as to use the occasion as a time of reflection. There is so much gratuitous Canada150 advertising out there lately that it wouldn't have been out of place if we just said: "For Canada Day, why not fill a kiddie pool with maple syrup and jump right in?" (And hey, if you DID want to do that, we do love our Jakeman's and our Edwin's of Prince Edward County just fine and there's plenty in stock!)

But we've heard a number of comments from customers in the last few weeks as the hype has grown that something about it just doesn't seem right. It's somehow out of Canadian character to wave that flag harder, or cheer a little louder just because it's a milestone year. Instead, it seems like people want to acknowledge that the history on this land goes back a lot further than 150 years and that the way to be the best Canadians we can be is to welcome as many people as we can into this big tent (or tipi on the Hill, if you like). The people who were here first showed the rest of us how to survive on this land and people from all over the planet have come to share in that knowledge as they share the best of themselves and the cultures they bring into the tipi.

So, as you gather with friends and family this long weekend ahead, enjoy the bounty of this land and all of the cultures and customs that have taken root here to make us stand out in the world as somewhere pretty special, faults and all. And if you need to stock up on Mado's Pepper Sauce or Abokichi Okazu or Lee's Ghee or Galerie au Chocolate or Jaswant's Kitchen spices or Mad Mexican tortilla chips and Salsa Morita or Vij's Potato Chips or Voth's Pickles or Moss Farms jams or El Tounsi harissa paste or Maid's Cottage Butter Tarts to help you do that, well you know our door is open 11-7 on Canada Day and noon 'til 6 on Sunday.

We are CLOSED on Monday!

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