Smokin' BBQ wraps

While we do carry an excellent selection of BBQ sauces and rubs, for most other outdoor cooking accoutrements we leave it to our friends at Pollock's Home Hardware a block north or Barque Butcher Bar a few doors south. Between them, they are the experts at all things smoke and grill. But when we saw this line from Smokin' BBQ out of British Columbia, we figured it was something we wanted to share.

You'll see them on the main table as you enter the store and - to be honest - you'd be forgiven for walking right past them. After all, they're just pieces of wood. But look a little closer and you'll see something that can put your outdoor cooking efforts over the top. It's a line of planks - including cedar, alder and hickory planks suitable for individual salmon filets or interlocking blended wood planks big enough for a brisket. Soak them in liquid and put them on the edge of the fire in your BBQ. As the wood starts to dry out and singe it will impart the perfect smoky essence to whatever you've got going while insulating the food from the direct flame.

But it's these packs of cedar wraps pictured here that really ignited our imaginations. Again, immerse the individual wraps in whatever liquid you like - apple cider, beef stock, wine, bourbon - then tie them around your main course - fish, seafood, beef, pork, chicken, corn, stuffed eggplant! - and let the alchemy of fire, smoke and aromatic steam go to work. The results are super moist and flavourful. Plus, when it comes to plating, you're not just serving up another charred piece of chicken - you're presenting a.... present. The experience of unwrapping the bundle and feeling that first waft of smoky, aromatic goodness overtake your senses is a culinary gift your dinner guests will love.

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