Setting Summer's Bar

Setting Summer's Bar

Ginger Beer

So, last week on Facebook we posted about our new line of mixes from Boylan Heritage and W&P Design: Club Soda, Tonic Water and Ginger Ale in packaging that'll make you think you're sipping on Calvin Klein. And the Tonic proved to be an excellent match for our latest fascination: parsnip-based Piger Henricus Gin from near Montreal. But that got us thinking about the interesting ways local trends reflect larger patterns. Here's what I mean:

We've noticed lately that we have a lot of customers who've been buying Ginger Beer. Seems like more than people usually buy Ginger Beer but we just figured we had a few customers who liked their Moscow Mules and Dark 'n' Stormys. And just as we're watching our GB stock begin to deplete, we get told by our rep for Fever Tree that it's been a bit of a phenomenon this summer and that they may have trouble meeting demand for the stuff. Turns out the Moscow Mule is the drink of the summer of '16 - complete with the de rigeur copper cups you may have seen popping up in housewares and gift stores with increasing frequency (we did not get on that bandwagon so will not find the one pictured here on our shelves).

Sure enough, we've run out of the large bottles from Fever Tree but we still have a decent stock of the 241ml 4-packs. And we have other Ginger Beer options too - from Fentiman's and an apple-based entry from Cawston Press. So, if you've joined the frenzy for the Moscow Mule we've got your covered. Just know that there are lots of other excellent cocktail possibilities with Ginger Beer. One of our favourites? The Cherry Sparkler. Combine:

2 oz of your favourite Cava, Prosecco or other sparkling wine
1 oz Pomegranate Juice
½ oz Sweet Vermouth
2 oz Ginger Beer

Serve over ice and garnish with a fresh Ontario cherry. Tastes like summer! And don't worry, if you enjoy a Cherry Sparkler or two this weekend and hear a buzzing in your ears? That's not the cocktail, it's the annual running of the Honda Indy Toronto race!

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