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Our Better Than Bouillon collection

Looks like the rink in Sorauren Park is about to see some action with a spate of hard cold weather. Which may mean your soup and stew pots are about to see some action as well. As always, the ever-widening selection of soup-kits from SoupGirl is a healthy and easy one-jar solution for your stove-top that doesn't spend much time on our shelves come winter.

But whether you're looking to deepen the flavour and aroma of those soup kits, start your own soup or stew from scratch or lend some oomph to a sauce or risotto stock, there is no better secret weapon for your pantry than this line of flavour bases from Better Than Bouillon. Each of these offers supremely concentrated flavour and will go a long way to getting you through a long winter. Less than a teaspoon in a mug may be just the belly warmer you need after shovelling the driveway.

The chicken, beef, vegetable and mushroom options are all organic and we've just introduced a new addition to the line up: lobster (you remember that risotto stock I was mentioning earlier?)

Done. You may now go ahead and throw out the dried out bouillon cubes in your cupboard!

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