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We don't carry a whole lot of cleaning products. 
There are lots of choices out there but in some key areas customers are looking for something that's a bit better: a bit better for people and a bit better for the environment. That's where we've concentrated our efforts in the small section at the back of the shop with the fridge and freezer items, the tea towels, toothpaste, storage containers and kids' foods.

One of the most popular items stocked among the tea towels are the EuroScrubbys - hands down the best scrub cloths and scrub sponges on the market, safe for stainless steel and non-stick surfaces and general kitchen and bathroom cleaning (just watch out for your painted and polished surfaces). They are cheap and cheerful and we go through them at a steady rate with plenty of dedicated repeat customers. Recently, the EuroScrubby folks have added a new product to the line: EuroScrubby Cleanser

It's an eco-friendly hard cleaning paste that comes with a special design applicator that stores easily in the lid. This non-toxic, biodegradable formula, made with no harmful chemicals, is the first abrasive cleanser to meet the standards for the EU's "EcoLabel" designation. If you look at some of the websites that talk about this product there's this weird quote where it says "Winner of the EU EcoLabel Award", which is a strange way of putting it. It's like saying the OceanWise designation on the fish you buy from De La Mer is an "award". But the EU EcoLabel is a real thing. If you're feeling nerdy, you can read more about it on the EU website here. If you just want a clean stove, come in to the Mercantile and pick some up!

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