Roncy may rock but it also pops!

Toronto Pops!

Popcorn is one of those things you kind of take for granted. Its association with the movies is so deeply ingrained that for some of us it's the only place we ever eat it (at exorbitant prices, no less!) Or maybe you eat it for free when our next door neighbours at Barque put out their perfectly spiced, smokey variety as a bar snack. Well, we just wanted to remind you of the vast repertoire of options that exists between those two extremes right inside the door of the Mercantile.

For one thing, we carry what seems to be universally hailed as the very best popping corn for those of you who like to pop your own at home. You'll find it at the left end of the bins at the back of the main area. Then, we've got your Neale Bros. selection in plain, cheddar and Himalayan salt. Then we've got the low calorie baked popcorn in plain, cheddar and Sriracha varieties. There's the Jakeman's maple popcorn and (occasionally) the Haute Goat goat milk caramel popcorn and the seasonal Saxon chocolate popcorn (just wait).

But there's a new entry to our shelves that we're excited to tell you about and it reflects the story of this city that we love:

Joseph and Caramhel Villegas arrived in Toronto from the Philippines in 2011 and by 2013 were popping fresh popcorn with an old-fashioned popper for the Ontario festival circuit. Their success on the road helped them establish permanent digs in the historic Kensington Market neighbourhood where they became renowned for their various sweet and savoury (and sweet 'n' savoury) flavour combinations. We are now proud to offer a small selection of their flavours (including Garlic & Parmesan, Real Cheddar, Maple Bacon and Salted Caramel) as well as some of their colourful raw popping corn varietals.

A bag or two of your fave flavours and a Netflix account and you're good to go!

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