Blossom caps

You're going to see in a moment just how clever that post title is... and it has nothing to do with the Brexit!

We're big fans of recycling, re-using, up-cycling - whatever you want to call it. And we know many of our customers feel the same way.  There's a certain joy in objects that last and that can be re-purposed in creative ways. It is simultaneously easier on the environment and a unique expression of one's personal style. Now, obviously, this can be carried to the extreme - so these days you have not only people reusing their Mason jars as storage containers or cocktail shakers or beer glasses but companies manufacturing Mason jars with handles and other doodads - kind of defeats the purpose, really. 

Which is why we're so tickled by the Blossom product line from an Alaska company called Spice Ratchet. It's a range of air and water tight silicone lids that turn your jars into storage containers or infusers with a pop-up spout or portable drinking-straw-ready beverage containers. The fold-away spout on the infuser model is especially ingenious.

And here's where the cleverness of the title reflects a clever decision on the part of Blossom: they know that some people like their Mason Jars while other people prefer the Weck Jars. Blossom's silicone lids come in two families: The U-Cap stays on your Mason and the E-Caps work with your Wecks. You'll find them all - along with a few other handy inventions from Blossom - on the main table right inside the door.

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