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Chocolate occupies a very unique place in our world. It is simultaneously a refined and exotic treat and a cheap and ubiquitous snack. It's able to hold those two places in our minds because of the vast range of qualities available to us at any given time - a bit like olive oil.

But as they say with olive oil, if you're not paying above a certain threshold, you're probably not getting the real thing. And at various thresholds beyond that you're getting increasing levels of quality, increasing levels of expertise and artistry and increasing levels of fairness to the workers who grow and harvest this most remarkable crop. Somewhere in there - as a retailer - we also have to account for the tastes and curiosities of our customers and the thresholds they're willing to cross for great chocolate. There are lots of places in the neighbourhood to get cheap, commercial chocolate. Our role is to curate a range of chocolates above that low threshold that we think you're going to want to try. Which brings us back to Vosges Haut Chocolat of Chicago.

We offered Vosges in the past because, in terms of flavour combinations, they just blew our minds. We think Toronto's own Laura Slack gives Vosges a run for their money (and with even more beautiful packaging) at a lower price point (though a smaller bar) and many customers were just not quite willing to cross that slightly higher threshold. It was, frankly, kind of sad to see the Vosges bars ageing out on the shelf (though the staff tended to benefit!). But with this new line of flavour combinations from Vosges, we wanted to give them another try and give YOU a chance to give them another try too. It is worth it and YOU are worth it! These are all great flavours but to single one out, I guarantee you: if you try the Turmeric-Ginger bar you will be amazed.

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