Pre-Polish Petting Zoo

Debbie and her Haute Goats

We knew that Roncesvalles would be transformed today for the annual Polish Festival. It's a great event for so many people in so many ways but, in truth, it doesn't really bring more people into The Mercantile. And you can't really blame them - with so much to see and do without ever crossing a shop threshold (and our chocolate selection doesn't do that well in the hot sun!). So we decided to get a bit of a jump on things and hold our own very tiny little street fair last evening. In fact, you could call it a "dwarf festival" as Debbie from Haute Goat set up a little pen with two of her prized Nigerian Dwarf Goats - Baby Ruth and Little Bear - and a sample table bearing some of her goat milk-based cremes and lotions and, of course, that delicious goat butter caramel corn!

It was great to see so many people do the double-take and then stick around to take pictures, pet the goats or even just watch the simple magic of the country-come-to-the-city. We're glad to know that we made our own contribution to the Polish Festival - even if it came a day early.

Come by today to sample Toronto's premier makers of fine Mexican hot sauces, No. 7 Hot Sauce!

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