PLAYing with the big Boi

Play ginger ale

The introduction of U.S.-based Lacroix sparkling waters to our shelves has been a huge hit (and more flavours are coming by year end). Some have suggested that the Lacroix phenomenon is old news south of the border, but recent stories in the financial pages and YouTube tributes like Lacroix Boi by Big Dipper indicate there's still lots of over-the-top enthusiasm for this sweetener-free, naturally flavoured beverage.

So we wanted to draw your attention up above the border and up one shelf in our fridge to a Canadian player in the sparkling game: Play unsweetened ginger ale. This is made using spring water from Oro-Medonte, all natural ginger flavour and no sweeteners of any kind. I suppose you could call it Canada Really Dry but on a hot day you'll just call it refreshing.

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