Orange Friday is the New Black Friday

Orange Friday is the New Black Friday

Here comes the fudge!

We've never had a Black Friday-style "door crasher special" and our customers are way too nice to ever throw an elbow in pursuit of an item on our shelves. But the closest it ever gets is with this seasonal limited-time-only treat: pumpkin fudge from Nudge Fudge in Stratford, Ontario.

This means that there are certain people we don't see all that often that we're going to start seeing more of. It also means that in a few weeks we are going to disappoint some people who thought maybe they'd resist temptation for a while only to find they waited just a little too long and the stock is all gone for another year.

So you could make this your "Orange Friday" and beat the rush but we'll probably be well supplied heading towards Thanksgiving and Halloween. Probably. Just sayin'.

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