Nothing but the Best

Nothing but the Best

Congratulations to the Maid's Cottage

Working behind the cash at The Mercantile can be an exercise in restraint. After all, we're simply surrounded by so many delicious things. Perhaps most tantalizingly (and most cruelly) right there on the counter in front of us all day long is a clear glass cake display stocked with butter tarts. And not just any butter tarts. The best butter tarts!

And that's not just our opinion. We're very pleased to announce that this past weekend, the people who make our butter tarts - the Maid's Cottage Restaurant on Main St. in Newmarket - won first prize in the professional baker's category at the Ontario's Best Butter Tart Festival in Midland ON (Congratulations also to Jane Albert, who won in the home bakers category - I have a feeling she's going to be having a lot of strangers mysteriously breaking down in front of her house and neighbours coming over to borrow a cup of.... butter tarts!)

So, if you've ever been tempted by what you see under glass on our counter, maybe now is the time to try one for yourself. Or, hey, it's Father's Day this weekend so that would be a good excuse to buy half a dozen!

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