Not too soon for Advent Calendars!

Roger's Advent

There's always a debate this time of year: when is it too early to put out Christmas stuff? Nobody wants to push things and nobody wants to be completely sick of carols before it's appropriate (we confess our tolerance is low!) but Advent Calendars are one area where we take our cue from customers. We've already had people come in and ask if we're getting our traditional chocolate advent calendars from Roger's Chocolates of Victoria BC. Well of course we are!

This year's new design, Winter Fun, by John Burrow is guaranteed to sell out so don't wait. And apart from it being top quality chocolate - and apart from it being fun to open a different window every day in advance of Christmas, Rogers' Chocolates is proudly committed to Fair Trade Certified™ Cocoa, so making your Christmas sweet isn't making someone else's bitter.

We do offer some other advent kits as well - where you can fill the windows with your own treats - but we know some people have been waiting for this announcement as a kind of unofficial start to the season, so consider yourself notified!


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