Not Beyoncé

Lemo Lemonade

As much as we love her (and carry a "Happy BirthBey" card in her honour) this post is about the other kind of Lemonade, which is about to come in to its time in the sun.

Once again, a happening company from Montreal (though with roots in Franco-Manitoba) is the source for this excellent syrup/cordial/cocktail mixer. LemoLemonade (take note of their awesome square logo!) is all hand pressed, hand grated and hand bottled using quality ingredients with gorgeous balance in three flavours. Depending on which one you choose you're going to get the perfect blend of sweet and sour, tart and spicy, tangy and bitter.

We keep promising we're going to publish a video with some summer cocktail tips and I think we may start with this one (it's just that the test results are so darn delicious we get a bit sidetracked). If you don't see a video up here by mid-June, come and ask at the counter and we'll try to give you the benefit of our experience!

Find LemoLemonade at the front of the shop to your left as you come in. Let summer begin!

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