North Ontario Meets North Africa

North Ontario Meets North Africa

El Tounsi Harissa

Recent drives through Northern Ontario have featured several stops at roadside stands for great late-season produce including fresh wild blueberries and sweet corn. Just bought a big mess of corn and was thinking about what to do with it and was reminded of an amazing recipe from one of our favourite food geniuses - Kenji Lopez-Alt of Serious Eats - that makes use of one of our favourite local Toronto ingredients.

We've written before in this space about Walid Hachani but it's about time or a refresher. Although he was born in Tunisia, he didn't spend much time there as a child as his parents raised him in various countries around the world. His main connection to his homeland was through his mother's cooking and the signature spice mix called harissa that forms the basis for so many dishes and applications in that cooking. Settling in Toronto, Walid just wasn't finding a harissa to measure up to his mother's so he decided to make it himself and so El Tounsi Foods was born. Walid promises there's more to come from El Tounsi in his quest to introduce the Canadian palate to the full range of North African cuisine but it all starts with harissa. 

We're very proud to stock El Tounsi Harissa on our shelves - you'll find it next to the preserved lemons at eye level on the north wall, just past the olives.

Now, to that recipe. 
It's so simple and so delicious and will give your late summer corn on the cob a heady and highly aromatic kick. Fire up the BBQ - it's Grilled Corn with Harissa and Mint!

Just follow the link and where it calls for harissa, use El Tounsi!

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