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Smak Dab and Social Club Mustards

We always like to have a good assortment of mustards handy - both on the shelves of the Mercantile and at home. It does a lot of heavy lifting in the kitchen - from dressings to marinades to rubs to baking to just plain slathering. Mustard applies to so many forms of cooking and is one of those families of flavours that adds so much depth to so many foods. 

Most people think of France when they think of mustard - mostly because of the ubiquitous dijon and possibly also because of the equally ubiquitous French's (no relation). But, in fact, much of the world's mustard comes from Canada. While it is commercially grown in many countries, Canada and Nepal account for 57% of the world's supply so we like to boost the Canadian quotient on our shelves - which is why both Kozlik's and Caplansky's have a dominated that little section for a while. 

Recently, we've added two new lines of Canadian mustard:

Social Club Artisan Foods is best known for some very fine Ontario and Quebec cheeses but they've just branched out into condiments with a hot/smokey style, a slightly sweet triple crunch granary style and an excellent, hoppy beer mustard - all excellent mustards in the tradition of Kozlik's.

Smak Dab is a line by Winnipeg fine dining chef Carly Minish. Her flavours explore some more adventurous territory including Curry Dijon, Maple and Beer Chipotle. I mean, I can already think of a few sandwiches to fit each of those options but Carly goes one better with the help of her test kitchen and offers dozens of recipes for each variety on the Smak Dab website. Be sure to click the link, where you'll find a veritable lesson on the versatility of Canada's contribution to the world of condiments!


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