Multiplying Bunnies

Sean Rooney's Balloon artistry

For all the clichés about rabbits multiplying, the fact is that - come Easter-time at the Mercantile - bunnies actually disappear pretty quickly. For example, our famed Yoga-Bunnies that we brought in a few weeks ago are all gone already! (we've requested more but they likely won't arrive in time for Easter).

Having said that, bunnies and chicks and all things Easter are multiplying on our shelves at the moment (though they won't last long either!). There are ceramic ones and chocolate ones, candy ones and felt ones, ornate ones and simple ones, edible ones and decorative ones - all of which we'll highlight next week as the rush really ramps up. But today we wanted to invite you to come by the store - even if you're not thinking Easter yet and even if you don't have time to actually come through the door - just to have a look at the display in our window.

The bunnies currently populating our windows are the creation of Balloon Maestro Sean Rooney. Sean is a guy we've known for many years and he is an artist like no other. A trailblazing innovator, he has developed techniques to make magic, music, fashion, sculpture, puppets, and sound effects using balloons as his sole visible (and acoustic) prop. 
He has been performing and sculpting for over twenty years, in thirty countries, in venues big and small. He has constructed massive balloon art installations of buildings and dinosaurs and motorcycles, he has created an orchestra's worth of working balloon instruments for famous musicians, he created an entire, sensuous balloon world for a video by Toronto electroclash superstar Peaches and made balloon creatures and more for Celine Dion's family Christmas party in Montreal! Follow the Balloon Maestro link above to see and learn more.

So if you haven't walked past the Mercantile lately, make sure you come out for a stroll in the nice weather this weekend. If you're not thinking about Easter yet, Sean's work will certainly impress you and possibly inspire you to think about the other bunnies that await in store.

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