Magic Words

Sprucewood Bacon Cheddar

Bacon. Cheddar.

Indeed they are magic words, especially when they appear together. 
Even more magic, of course, is the taste. And our friends at the Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Co. have made a little bit of magic with this addition to their already stellar flavour line-up. 

Admittedly, they cost $1 more than the other cookies in the line but let me remind you again.... BACON!

You will find these decadent and delightfully savoury shortbreads on the shelf to your right just inside the door of the store. Now let me tell you the most likely outcome when you find them there:
You will buy a box and take it home planning to save them for an upcoming dinner party where you will serve them as part of an appetizer plate with some charcuterie; you will open the box just to try one; you will eat 12 over the next 20 minutes; you will come back to the store to buy another box. Consider that fair warning.

Bacon. Cheddar. Shortbread.
Magic indeed.

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