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Mad Mexican now at Mercantile

No, this is not a post about reaction to Donald Trump.
And we're all about building bridges, not walls. 

Food, of course, is one of the world's greatest bridge-builders but for ages Toronto was a bit of a Mexican-food-desert - especially compared to cities like L.A. or Chicago. Tex-Mex - often poorly executed - was the rule rather than the exception. That has changed in recent years - both with some excellent Mexican restaurants going beyond the clichés and with local producers bringing the quality, flavour and authenticity to products for the home kitchen. That's why we're proud to introduce this selection from Mad Mexican - produced just a few blocks away on Jane St. in Baby Point Village by José Haddad and his team. Among other high-end residencies, for a time José served as executive chef for the Mexican Ambassador so you know his food passes muster!

You'll find the handmade tortilla chips at the front of the store and the guacamole, pico de gallo, roasted tomatillo & avocado salsa and jalapeño bean dip in the fridge at the back.

Viva Mexoronto!

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