January sales series continues with Ruby Ginger Elixir

Meredith's Ruby Ginger Elixir

As anyone who's ever taken a Roncy Food Nook tour will know, we're proud to offer the complete line of syrups and elixirs from Meredith's Ginger of Meaford Ontario year round - in spite of not having a whole lot of room in our modest fridge! But this time of year we have to make a little extra room for Meredith's seasonal specialty Ruby Ginger Elixir, made with fresh clementine, cranberry and orange blossom.

We hate to admit it, that festive season is coming to an end and so we need to make room for other things in our fridge. And as part of our January weekly sale series, we're offering the remainder of the RGE at 25% off, starting today through next Thursday (or until it's gone, whichever comes first!)

You'll find the fridge at the back of the store on the left.

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