It's Wendy Friday!

Wendy Tancock new designs

We've known Wendy Tancock from before there was a Mercantile. Over decades, she has created a body of designs that combine a naïve graphic style with a sharp sense of observation and wit that is engaging, concise, funny, instantly recognizable and always uniquely Canadian. From hand-selling topical T-shirts out of cardboard boxes at Toronto events in the mid-'90s, we've watched her distinctly cottage-industry-scale business catch on with larger and larger markets beyond the city limits.

Now, we're very excited for Wendy that a new distribution partnership is helping customers across Canada be as charmed by her as we've always been. That partnership is also allowing her to branch out in terms of products and we're thrilled to be able to offer her new line of tea towels along with an enhanced selection of coffee mugs and - as usual - her Canuck-centric greeting cards.

So, while you've always been able to find Wendy's greeting cards on our rack in the middle of the store and you've regularly been able to find some of her mugs on our shelves, we're celebrating her success this week with a special window display and an in-store feature spot.

Come in and be charmed. Everyone knows it's Wendy!


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