How do we know it's autumn?

P-fudge is back!

Well, you certainly wouldn't know it by a drop in temperatures - with expected humidex highs this weekend of around 40 degrees Celsius! And you wouldn't know it by the fall colours. It seems even some communities north of the city are experiencing a slight delay in the annual change. It seems maybe we can only know that fall has arrived by the dull reality of the calendar. But wait - there's one more clue!....

Pumpkin Fudge from Nudge Fudge of Stratford Ontario is back!

Now it could be the fact that we wrote that message on our doorway chalkboards but we're convinced that some customers have an innate "spidey-sense" for the stuff and come in by a weird kind of remote control, which they started to do last weekend. Those folks are sure to put a big dent in our supply between now and the end of P-Fudge season but if you haven't tried it and would like to know what the fuss is about - and possibly surrender yourself to a lifetime compulsion around this time of year - come into the store this weekend when we'll be sampling until the samples are gone!

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