Greek Islands for Winter?


As the days are shorter, the weather colder and the snow imminent, the Greek islands seem a distant fantasy. But these gorgeous dragées from Greece - each flavour named for one of those Greek islands - offers a delectable hint of sunnier climes you can just pop in your mouth!

Take Corfu, for example: whole kumquat cured in syrup, enrobed in 70% chocolate and then coated in a sweet orange sugar shell. Or Ios: where luxurious Amarena cherries get the same treatment. Rhodes, Crete, Santorin, Patmos, Skyros and Ithaki are also represented - in both 150g bags and 500g boxes - with a variety of delicious centres.

If Willy Wonka had a Greek Island, these would be the pebbles on his beach!
They're a delight at any time of year but they'll fit right in as Christmas confection for sure. Find them on the main table as you enter the store.

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