Gotta Terra Cotta

Terra Cotta Dip

We always manage to get great little bowls and tableware items in that seem to really catch on around here. It's not hard to imagine neighbours visiting one another and finding the same stuff in each other's cupboards!

These are the latest items we're sure everyone's going to want first - beautiful glazed terra cotta pieces with a variety of functions: from egg cups to nested measuring bowls to open top jars to spouted jugs - each with that signature unglazed terra cotta bottom that give things a part-upscale part-pueblo feel. These are definitely hand wash items but they're so beautiful you're going to want to use them daily - never mind the dishwasher.

And just so you know, we did check (several times, in fact) and the spouted jugs perfectly hold a bottle of wine - for when you want to have a kind of rustic gathering. A few hunks of cheese, some bread, a jug of wine.... and thou, to borrow a phrase.

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