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Toronto's Turmeric Teas

The active ingredient that makes turmeric such a healthy ingredient in any diet is curcumin. Asian and Ayurvedic medicine has known about its benefits for centuries. They have also known that in order for the body to absorb those benefits you need to pair it with a little black pepper. I only found out about that a year after adding turmeric to my morning concoction of lemon juice, ginger, honey and water!

Fortunately, the folks at Turmeric Teas are better versed in the science behind turmeric AND they are masters of tea blending. So each of their four turmeric teas - blended right here in Toronto - is maximized for flavour, aroma, effect and health. 

Choose from their Dawn, Dusk, Summer and Winter blends or have them all on hand in an elegant gift box collection. You'll find them all on the left hand side of the store past the spice section.

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