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Ornaments Galore at The Mercantile

As you enter the shop, at the far end of the main table is a large vase with some dogwood branches sticking out of it. Hung from the various twigs and branches is a small selection of our Christmas ornaments. Often, customers beguiled by a felt mouse or a glass fish or maché deer will simply pluck the ornaments off the branches and bring them to the counter. Now, that's just fine with us but if you're in the market for the most charming ornaments on Roncy, you might find it easier to pluck one from the baskets under that same table - down around shin height. If you don't see them right away, don't worry - a nearby child will! Come to think of it - as I look at this picture - it conjures the image of the passengers in steerage on the Titanic, below decks. If you think of it like that, you're actually rescuing these adorable little creatures!

Not quite sure what that means if you're picking up one of the beautiful whale ornaments - that's more Moby Dick than Titanic - which is, literally, a whole other story. The final word on that choice, though, is that many customers keep the whale ornaments up year round in the bathroom - a decoration that lasts long after the elves and snowmen are packed up for another season.

Ornaments, Christmas Crackers, holiday themed napkins and our usual amazing treats are what we're all about heading into the holidays.

If you didn't see our Tweet or Facebook posts, our extended hours starting this weekend are:

December 17th & 18th: 10:00am – 7:00pm
December 19th – 23rd: 10:00am – 8:00pm 
December 24th           : 10:00am – 4:00pm

We will be closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day.


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