Dad's Day Kickstart

We've said it before - for both Mother's and Father's Day: the best possible way to celebrate the people who play those roles in your life - biologically or otherwise - is with your time. Whether that's in the form of a phone-call or FaceTime or a home visit or dinner out or a brand new experience or just hanging as usual, that's what it's all about.

Of course, people want to present some little gift as well or do something a little bit special. And naturally we have all kinds of things in store that would be fitting tokens of appreciation - from BBQ sauces and rubs to snacks and cocktail accoutrements. The possibilities are as diverse as dads!

So here's one little uber-Canadian suggestion for Sunday morning: a breakfast Caesar cocktail (okay, okay - brunch. Let him sleep in a little!)

  • Start with Walter Caesar Mix. Actually, before you do that, check the ingredient list on the supermarket brands to understand why Walter is the clear choice: all natural ingredients, no artificial colours or preservatives and clam juice from OceanWise certified sustainable sources. Plus it's a Canadian company!
  • Once your due diligence is done, rim your glass with Saltwest Naturals Seasar Pleaser from Vancouver Island. (And here's a tip: don't wet the rim with water or a wedge of lime. Dip the rim in a saucer of vodka and let drip for 5 seconds or so before dipping in another saucer with the rimmer - you'll get the perfect rim every time!)
  • Put ice in the glass (or Mason Jar if you must). Add 1.5oz of your favourite vodka (or tequila or certain gins) or virgin if you need Dad alert right away. Depending on whether you're using the Walter classic or Walter mild or if you just like a little boost, augment with Worcestershire or tamari, a dash or two of your favourite No. 7 Hot Sauce, a small spoon of Bubbie's Horseradish (find it in the fridge at the back of the store) and a squeeze of lime, then top the glass with the Walter mix and...well...mix!
  • This is where it gets really fun: the garnish. We recommend an Extreme Bean or a Voth's Pickled Asparagus spear! Or you could go for the classic celery stick, or a carrot stick, or a plump chilled tiger shrimp, or a cube of cheddar or a chunk of chorizo or leftover steak from last night or some combination of any or all of these... again, the options are as individual as the dad-guy in your life.

With that fortification to start things off, let the day unfold. May it be a memorable one!

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