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Roncy is truly one of the great neighbourhoods of Toronto and it's clear every day that it's a place that embraces all kinds of families and all kinds of models of fatherhood. But Father's Day is one of those days when all the stereotyped images of dads come out and we all (including the dads) just kind of groan along.

So far be it from us to replicate the trend for this weekend - after all, just about everything in the store is suitable for someone on their special day no matter what the occasion. But then what does one put on special display? So how about this:

Yes, we have all the typical stuff proffered as "dad-ish" on Father's Day - bottle openers and cocktail bitters and sauces and rubs for the BBQ and, of course, our great selection of Father's Day cards. And if the Dad in your life is into that stuff, well you know where to come for the best. But even those kinds of dads would probably appreciate having a break on Sunday and since the forecast is for great weather, how about YOU do the grill honours? Maybe that's YOUR thing?

The new line of Badass BBQ sauces from Wildly Delicious pack the punch the name promises and a small but mighty selection of genuine North Carolina-style sauces from Milton Ontario's Wildman's Backwoods BBQ feature that perfect balance of sweet and spicy, tangy, salty and smokey - all based on a secret southern recipe.

If you do decide to pick up some of these delicious sauces for Father's Day fun this weekend, remember to pick up some extra napkins - we've got those too!

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