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Forget Willy Wonka.

Katjes (little cat) candies was founded by the son of a Sicilian immigrant to the German-Dutch border region back in 1910 but it has been consistently innovating in the world of candy ever since. Since 1988, all of their gummy candies, yogurt chews and liquorice varieties have been free of artificial flavours and colours and in more recent years they've been moving most lines to vegetarian or vegan status. Their latest innovation is a retail store-site 3D gummy printer that launched in Berlin but is now in operation in London and in several U.S. locations. Can Toronto be far behind?

Well, until we get our own Katjes Café  and Magic Candy Factory in Toronto, you can at least try these terrific candies at the Mercantile. Our personal favourite is the Saure Johannisbeern (red currant) - which is not vegetarian but is the tastiest gummy you will ever have. In fact, we're sampling this weekend so come on in and see if you can resist buying a bag after you try just one!

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